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Important provider resources, forms and guidelines for providers in the Partners Health Plan network.

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Claims and billing submission guidelines, contact information, and other billing and claims resources

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Authorization requirements, request forms, and appeal / greivance information.

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DMEPOS Requests, Requirements and Resources

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Important contact information and frequently asked questions.

2023 Provider Manual

Provider Events & Webinars

Previous Provider Webinars

October 26, 2023 Provider Webinar: Best Practices for IDD-Tailored Medical Care

This webinar was The webinar was in collaboration with Care Design NY, and focused on how individuals with Intellectual and Developmental  Disabilities (IDD) have unique patterns of health-related risks and conditions and how they can benefit from some distinct approaches to annual wellness and healthcare maintenance. Based on a review of the literature, this presentation summarized some practical approaches to supporting and improving the quality of health of those with IDD.

PRESENTED BY: Stephen Merahn, MD, Medical Director

Webinar Slides

August 22, 2023 Provider Webinar: Medicaid Eligibility: Maintaining Benefits for the Intellectually and Developmentally Disabled in New York State

This webinar was in collaboration with Care Design NY and focused onchanges to Medicaid eligibility and recertifications, as well as the unwinding of the Public Health Emergency (PHE) as it relates to Medicaid coverage.

PRESENTED BY: Kristina Cunningham, Assistant Vice President of Member Benefits and Enrollment

Supporting Documents:

Webinar Slides | Qualifying Expenses - Spenddowns | 2023 Spenddown Calculation Example | 2023 SSI and Personal Allowance Amounts | 2023 Federal Poverty Level Guidelines

June 14, 2023 Provider Webinar: Medication Related Risk in the IDD Population

This webinar was in collaboration with Care Design NY and focused on: 

  • Medication Risks for the IDD Population
  • PHP’s clinical pharmacy program
  • Comprehensive Medication Therapy Reviews (CMTRs)
  • What is a CMTR and how it is used
  • Clinical Pharmacy program outcomes

PRESENTED BY: Scott Doolan RN BSN, MBA, Assistant Vice President of Health Care Management

Webinar Slides

March 22, 2023 Provider Webinar:
What is IDD Care Management and What Does It Mean To Me?

This webinar was in collaboration with Care Design NY and focused on how Care Management is different when in support of someone with an Intellectual or Developmental Disability (IDD) and the importance of collaboration between IDD Care Managers and the provider community.

PRESENTED BY: Steven Merahn, MD, Medical Director

Webinar Slides

February 24, 2022 Provider Webinar
in Collaboration with Care Design NY: The Life Plan Process

This webinar reviewed the CDNY & PHP alignment, the Life Plan process, the CDNY and PHP escalation process, and how to ensure effective communication and timely resolution.

Webinar Slides

Webinar Q&A

October, 26, 2021 Provider Webinar:
Important Billing and Claims Updates and Reminders

This webinar reviewed Partners Health Plan’s Care Management model, the Life Plan, and important billing and claims reminders, how to appeal a claim denial and timely filing guidelines.

Webinar Slides

Webinar Q&A

Provider News, Updates & Announcements

Stay up-to-date on important information for providers in the PHP Provider Network.

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