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Health & Education Resources

These articles have been authorized and written by field experts. It involves collaboration between our Chief Medical Officer (CMO), Director of Healthcare Programs, and Outreach Team. 

Medication Adherence

Learn why taking your prescribed medication is so important.

Mouth Health

Learn how mouth health plays a key role
in your general health.

Eye Health

Learn about you eye health and why getting an eye exam is so important.

Cervical Cancer Screenings

Learn about cerivical cancer and why you should get screened.

Dental Desensitization

Learn how PHP can help if you have anxiety about visiting the dentist.

Fall Prevention

Learn what to do to prevent falls and injuries.

Annual Health Assessment

Learn about your why getting a check-up every year is important .

The Flu & You

Learn about the flu vaccine, flu symptoms and when to see your doctor.

Diabetes & You

Learn about Diabetes, who is at risk and how to manage it successfuly. 

COVID-19 & You

Learn about the COVID-19 Virus, it's symptoms, and how it spreads.

High Blood Pressure

Learn about the risk factors for High Blood Pressure.

Breast Cancer Screenings

Learn about breast cancer and why you should get screened.

Vonage Video Calls

How to Join a Vonage Video Call with your care Manager.

Your Insurance Card

Learn what to know when going to an appointment.

ADA Rights

Learn about your rights as someone with a disability.

Health & Education Session Recordings

In the Know Edcuation Session: Supplemental Benefits Overview

In The Know Education Session: National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM)

In the Know Education Session: Boundaries and Consent with the Albany County Crime Victims and Sexual Violence Center

Mental Wellness During Holidays


Keeping a Healthy Heart

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