To support individuals to live the life they choose. We serve people, not clients.


PHP, a not-for-profit organization offering Medicaid- and Medicare-covered benefits to eligible residents of New York City and its surrounding counties (i.e., Nassau, Suffolk, Rockland, and Westchester), was founded by long-time providers of supports and services to people with IDD and their families. Instead of the long-standing practice of providing “one size fits all” services to people with IDD, PHP is a mission-driven, person-centered organization dedicated to assisting individuals in pursuing the lives they choose. PHP’s five founding partners, New York’s Downstate AHRCs and ARCs, have over six decades of successful experience in delivering services and making resources available to support individuals with IDD.


Guiding Values

  • Promote wellness
  • Support choice
  • Integrate services
  • Respect diversity
  • Improve quality of life

PHP’s objective is to provide a seamless array of supports and services with the individual at the center. We are dedicated to keeping each of our participants healthy, happy, and as independent as possible while they pursue their dreams and valued outcomes in the diverse communities they call home. Working in close collaboration with families and other members of the community, PHP will continue the proud AHRC/ARC tradition of supporting the unique needs and wishes of the individuals in their care, fully integrating their supports and services, advocating on their behalf, and assisting participants throughout their lives. Our goals are lofty, but so are the expectations of the people we are committed to supporting.