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Partners Health Plan is Featured Guest on MediSked Podcast

Partners Health Plan was a featured MediSked Podcast guest on January 4, 2023,. The podcast entitled, “Inclusion Benefits All-- The Case for Employing Neurodiverse Individuals” delivered important information on the benefits of hiring individuals with disabilities. Karleen Haines, Chief of Member Relations & Advocacy in the podcast’s Q&A delivered key points on the value of eliminating barriers and diversifying the workforce, especially if the hiring goals are embedded in the organization’s mission.

Listeners are asked thought provoking questions such as, “What type of support do I need to provide individuals, so they are successful? What are the positive outcomes when employing people with a disability? How are we writing the job descriptions and recruiting to ensure we have a diverse candidate pool?”

PHP Member, Ackeem Duggan, shared his personal employment journey. We learn about his challenges and ultimate rewards of financial gain, stability, independence, professional, and personal growth, community inclusion and belonging, making new friends, and experiencing improved mental health and personal well-being.

The program emphasizes that successful employment outcomes are rooted in advocacy. This episode is a testament to effective care management and coordination to assist individuals with disabilities live their best lives. Care Managers, who are fierce advocates for the individuals they support, ensure the necessary supports and services are in place. Does an individual have a job coach who can help them make meaningful connections and provide training and onboarding support?

Ackeem describes how those pieces and previous successes were in place for him. Today, he is happy and successful working for the NYPD Director of Community Affairs.

 Listen to this episode and let us know what you think! Ep. 10: Inclusion Benefits All – The Case for Employing Neurodiverse Individuals - MediSked, LLC